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SAE BAJA aims to allow students to learn hands-on automotive engineering, as well as basic car maintenance, during the process of designing and building the Baja car. The SAE BAJA competition is based off of the BAJA 1000 competitions, tasking students to design and build a car that can survive sever punishment from rough terrain, while also racing the vehicle against competitors from other colleges/universities around the world. Additionally, the secondary goal for SAE BAJA is to simulate the process for a true automotive company, forcing students to gain financial support for their projects, whilst continually conducting research and improving the car.

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The SAE Baja Organization is a team of USI students that build an off-road car that competes against other teams from around the world. The competitions generally consist of an endurance race, hill climb, suspension test, acceleration test, and braking test as well as sales and technical presentations. The car is designed and built from scratch, but must be restricted to a 10 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. Although the engine cannot be modified, the transmission can be made however the team desires. The goal of this organization is to help students learn how to work together and complete an advanced project similar to what they may encounter in the real world. Any student can join SAE Baja, there is something for everybody to do!


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