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Andrew L Vest commented on the event Physics Club Meeting

Physics Club Meeting

Wednesday, Sep 19, 4 pm
SC 1214
Will you be attending?

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Bryan A Reese

Sept. 19 is a friday not a Wed. Is it on Wed. or Friday next week?

Andrew L Vest

I want to host a physics debate on campus, can this club sponsor my debate? It is about the physics of the Twin towers (WTC 1 and 2) collapsing and WTC 7 collapse. I realize you all are not currently active but if anyone reads this feel free to reply or even sponsor my debate :) I need a club to sponsor it in order to reserve a space on campus and this seems like the perfect organization.

Andrew L Vest

I disagree with nearly every engineer and physicist on this campus regarding this topic and I think I can use logic, reasoning, and physics to prove them wrong. I want to do so in front of an audience so they can make the decision themselves.