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Queer Prom

Thursday, Mar 10, 7 pm
Student Center 215

Many students are not able to bring the person that they want to to prom in high school because of judgement, parental issues, school policies, or other reasons. We've created this event to give you all a prom-like experience free from judgement or fear. Bring a date or fly solo! Either way, all are welcome at this event!

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Athen's Boys Choir Performance

Thursday, Feb 25, 7 pm
College of Business Auditorium


Ok, so the name Athens Boys Choir can be a bit deceiving but you can’t blame a Jewish Transsexual, who came into manhood in the Deep South, for having a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. So Harvey Katz, the solo member of this multimedia word-centric experience, travels the country speaking “the good word”; throwing down hard-hitting spoken word poetry and homo-hop to eager queers and allies everywhere.

His performance...

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Coming Out Day Drag Show

Thursday, Oct 15, 1:30 pm

This is one of our biggest annual events! It's always a big hit with students and generally a great way to celebrate our pride for coming out day! Don't forget to bring your dollars if you want because tipping is allowed and encouraged! See you all there!

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