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"Exerting yourself to the fullest within your individual limits:

that is the essence of running"

  The ODU Runnning Club is an informal group of student runners of every level from life long marathoners to someone who is just starting out. We have no required practices or events, instead preferring to provide a social circle through which an individual may connect with new running partners and create groups for local races and events.

Currently we have a small group training for the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in March. Check back shortly for our full training schedule.

Optional groups are regularly put together for races such as:
  • The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Weekend
  • Big Blue 5k
  • Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon & 5k
  • Anthem Wicked 10k
  • Blue Moon Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon & 5k
  • Surfin' Santa 5 Miler
  • Including the occasional Tough Mudder and Spartan Race


Portal Information


Old Dominion University Running Club offers students with enthusiasm for running a chance to pursue the sport of running in a friendly and challenging environment. It seeks not to compete with other organizations but to create a social group of runners at ODU that participate in group runs and local races such as 5k’s and marathons. Through regular training, runners seek to develop increased physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle in pursuit of their goals. The social circle formed by the club offers a support system to its members by encouraging regular running routines and a healthy diet.


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  • Monday
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6:00 PM

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SRC Juice Bar

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Patrick Cox

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Jay Morris

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