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Miami International Outreach is a service group dedicated to serving communities abroad. We strive to provide both service and funds for the community while enabling ourselves to gain an appreciation and understanding of a different culture and to understand that by serving others, we help ourselves as well. Through these annual trips to Guatemala in the summer, students are able to engage in activities ranging from hands-on experience with medical clinics, reforestation projects, coffee plantation and women’s centers. Ultimately, the aim of Miami International Outreach is not only to provide a service to those in need; it is to immerse students in new, unfamiliar cultures and environments while introducing them to the social issues affecting humanity. Classroom learning can only take one so far; MIO provides students the opportunity to foster personal and leadership development through full immersion in a unique culture and lifestyle.


Community Outreach & Social Change

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Miami International Outreach

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Miami International Outreach

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Maria Bernal

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Michael Huzior

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Andrew Weimer

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Director of Butler Center for Service and Leadership