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Senior/Faculty Happy Hour

Tuesday, May 1, 5 pm
The Rathskeller

Graduating seniors and faculty, this one is for you! You are invited to Senior/Faculty Happy Hour, a time when seniors and faculty can share some time together, reflect on the past few years, and say thanks for the impact you made on each other. 

Refreshments will be offered. Each senior and faculty member is afforded one free drink ticket; a cash bar will be available. To claim your free drink ticket, please RSVP here!

Will you be attending?

Cap Bar Concerns Form

Feel passionately about the upcoming renovations to the Cap Bar? Tell us your comments and suggestions so that we can relay them to the administration!


Click here to vote! 


Judicial Review Committee Concerns

Have any concerns, questions, or comments about the Judicial Review Committee's proposed creation of a judicial branch of Student Government? Tell us here!

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Mulieris Dignitatem Registration

The University of Dallas first annual woman's conference, Mulieris Dignitatem, will be held Saturday March 25th beginning at 8:00 am. Seats are limited to 150. Registration is $5 for Students and $10 for non-students. 

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Commuter Town Hall

The Student Government Commuter Representative, Alexa Acquista, invites all commuters to come out and voice their comments, concerns, and suggestions. Please join us on September 29th at 4 p.m. in Gorman B. 

i Fratelli Pizza will be served. 

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by completing this form. If you have any questions, please contact! 

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Groundhog King and Queen Poll

During Groundhog week, please vote for one senior female and one senior male to be crowned Groundhog King and Queen. The King and Queen will be crowned at Groundhog TGIT and be invited to give a speech at the senior Champagne Breakfast on Friday. 

*Voting will close at 2pm Thursday, January 28th.*

Freshmen Mentoring Program

Thank you for participating in the Freshmen Mentoring Program!

Please completely fill out this form- the more fully you fill it out, the better your match will be!

The purpose of this program is to connect freshmen with upperclassmen in order to form relationships that bond the UD community even more closely together. Year after year, freshmen are handed down wisdom from those who have survived Lit Trad, Rome, and Groundhog, while upperclassmen get the unique...

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Broken Glass in the Recycling Bins is Creating a Problem for the Recycling Contractor

We have received a complaint call from our recycle bin company: they are complaining of broken glass in the recycle bins. Glass is not an item that we recycle; it creates a danger for the recycler, and costs extra to be taken to an alternate facility that does accept glass. Below is information from the recycler as to what items are allowed in the bins. As always, only dry paper products, and please make sure the bin doors are closed after depositing acceptable recyclable...


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