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CareerPassport Program

Welcome to CareerPassport, an engaged way to actively participate in career and life preparation while you are working towards a degree at Utah Valley University.  CareerPassport expands your classroom experiences through engaged learning opportunities in the areas of personal development and career exploration, selection, and preparation.  This will ultimately give you a competitive advantage when it comes to mapping out a successful career and life.

As part of the CareerPassport Program, you will select one of the three levels of participation:

  • CareerPassport Club
    This level is perfect for the busy student who wants to do more regarding career preparation than they are currently doing on their own.
  • CareerPassport Track Activities
    This option is ideal for the proactive student who is willing to put forth effort to be prepared and competitive upon graduation.
  • Engaged Learning University Distinction or (ELUD)
    This level is great for students who demonstrate seriousness in their coursework and career goals and identifies you as one of the University’s engaged learners in the area of professional engagement.

After completing the CareerPassport program and your educational degree, you'll be exceptionally prepared for a career in an area that is specifically tailored to your strengths, values, talents, personality, ambitions and passions.  You'll possess expansive career knowledge, valuable career tools, powerful employment networks, and the experience needed to make yourself stand out in the work place, your desired profession, and in life! 

Are You Ready To Engage?

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The CareerPassport Club provides opportunites for UVU students to participate in career and life preparation activities that will provide valuable life tools and the opportunity to socialize and network with potential employers and your fellow students.


Academic and Political

President Name

Devin Barney

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Additional Contact Name

Mori Rodriguez

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Advisor Name

Dan Felts

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Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

75% of the club membership must consist of currently enrolled UVU Students.

Club Dues: $5.00/year