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Winter 2014/15 ASB Advisor Application

This is the application for Alternative Service Break (ASB) advisors. Only full-time, benefits-eligible staff and faculty are eligible to be ASB advisors. Deadline to apply is Sunday, September 14th.

Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions, contact the ASB Coordinators at 208.885.9442 or

ASB Details
The ASB program will take place over winter break with the travel running from Monday, December 29th 2014 - Monday, January 12th, 2015. 

Winter ASB Time Commitments (Must commit to all dates- Please notify the Volunteer Center if you have concerns)

• Pre-trip meetings/trainings will occur on Oct 9th, Oct 23rd, Nov 6th, Nov 20th, and Dec 11th, from 5-7pm in the Clearwater/Whitewater Room in the Idaho Commons. 
Advisor and Student Leader meetings: Oct 9th, Oct 23rd, Nov 6th, Nov 20th, and Dec 11th, from 4-7pm
Two team specific meetings prior to departure
Winter ASB Presentations & storytelling: Thursday, February 5th 2015 at 6pm

ASB Advisor Responsibilities and Details:

ASB Advisors are full-time faculty/staff members at the University of Idaho who fully participate in the Alternative Service Break (ASB) Program.  Advisors are full members of the ASB team that offer support, guidance and mentorship to all team members and support the ASB student leaders in the leadership of the team. Advisors are not chaperones, they are an integral part in helping guide the hopeful development and growth of our students

These are the expectations of ASB Advisors:

Contribute life and professional experiences during the trip when appropriate.
Assist leaders in drawing the connection for participants between the service work on the ASB trip and bringing those experiences back to the University of Idaho and other communities.
Allow student leaders to lead during reflection, work assignments etc. Help guide them and offer assistance when needed. We want the students to take the lead, and advisors to provide support. 
Assist in developing pre-departure education sessions with your team leader, other advisor and the ASB planning team.
Fully participate in all activities on the trip
Attend all leader trainings.
Meet at with the all advisors and students leaders outside of the all-group meetings. These meetings will coordinate the all-group meetings, address any concerns and cover overarching issues such as service/civic engagement, social justice, risk management, team building, reflections and any other important information. Leader/Advisor meetings will be scheduled in the future.
Attend all group meetings and team meetings.
Follow all university and program rules and regulations. 

Advisors add to the ASB experience by:

Being a mature influence to encourage students to make wise decisions.
Serving as the representative of the University of Idaho for the trip in case of accident or emergency (hospital, police, fire, etc.).
When possible, offering experience-based or academic expertise on the service issue area.
Encouraging relationships between the ASUI Center for Volunteerism & Social Action and other offices, academic departments and other organizations.
Providing guidance and support for ASB participants and leaders.
Assist students in making meaning of their experiences as it relates to their personal, academic and professional lives. 

Advisors provide guidance for student leaders and assist leaders with their learning and general well-being throughout the ASB experience.  Advisors will also serve in a mentoring role for all participants.  They are expected to attend all team meetings, activities and trainings pre and post trip.  Individuals should only apply to be ASB Advisors if they have the time and energy to fully participate in the ASB experience.

The program costs are covered for advisors. You will not be expected to pay the program fee , however you are responsible for any additional costs including but not limited to meals not covered by the program, meals during travel, gifts, baggage fees, etc. Your flight, lodging, some meals are all covered.

About the ASB Program:
The Alternative Service Break (ASB) Program offers students the opportunity to develop as leaders on a local, regional, national and global level through hands-on service centered around various social justice issues.  ASB trips encourage critical thinking through experiential education, community involvement and civic education.  These trips can be transformative experiences for student participants. 



This form closed on September 15, 2014 2:00 PM PDT