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Energy Club Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 31, 3:30 pm

Club meetings are every week in SC151 at 3:30. Feel free to join in at any time as these meetings are to get information on upcoming events and projects, give us a chance to collaborate, or to have lectures from guest speakers. If you cannot make the meetings, stay updated on upcoming events and projects so you can be involved with the club.

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Elizabeth Heeke updated the video Dr. Matteson Discusses Human Energy

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Tesla Offers Up a New Option For Electric Cars

Tesla has come up with a new idea that is sparking controversy and praise. They have created Supercharger stations that can charge any electric car with solar energy in under 30 minutes. While most electric cars will have to pay for the service, the Model S will have a lifetime of charging for free.

Why is this impressive? This is because most charging stations for electric cars do not receive as much power and take more time to charge cars. Also, most...


Here Are Some of Mine!

Firstly, for news is a good source, as BBC is unbiased world news and always links to where they found the information to write the article. 

These next few are from the UK and are government sponsored sites, so they are academically reliable: is a journal database of sorts, is the latest news and information on laws...

University of Minnesota Biologists Discover New Way to Purify Fracking Water

Professors from the university are using biotechnology to use naturally-occurring bacteria to biodegrade contaminants in the fracking water. This will reduce the environmental costs that the industry produces while also significantly reducing the amount of water needed to frack. While we are trying to learn about greener methods of energy, being informed about what the fossil fuel industry is doing to become more environmentally conscious is...


Nuclear Fusion Nears Efficiency Break-Even

Sandia scientists say that magnetically imploded tubes have produced controlled nuclear fusion at break-even energies or better. This means that nuclear energy can be safer and far more efficient in the future.



Elizabeth Heeke updated the event Energy Club Meeting

First Energy Club Meeting

Monday, Sep 17, 3:30 pm

The first meeting of the Energy Club for the 2012/13 year. We will be discussing the club's plans for the year as well as any ideas any members have for the club. Free food will be provided thanks to the Energy Club winning first place in the table competition at Club Rush. Stop in even if it is for a short time!

Will you be attending?