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Next General Meeting:

Feb. 20, 8pm @THC 346

Welcome all current and prospective International Club members! We help students at UR live LOCALLY but think GLOBALLY. The I-Club's mission is to help students explore life beyond their own borders, promoting international understanding.  In addition to encouraging internationalism, the I-Club hopes to ease the transition of American life for international students and allow students to share their experiences abroad while learning about others.  With that being said, the I-Club encourages all students, especially international students, students planning on studying abroad, and students majoring in a language or international studies, to join.  Get ready for a great year of fun, food, and foreign culture as we share our interest in life around the globe!

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We want YOU to help us decide what events to host this year. As a rebooting club, your input is going to be crucial as we prepare and plan events. I Club wants to be able to host events where people get together to experience and learn about different cultures. Our 3 goals this year: 1. Give international students support, a platform and an opportunity to share their culture 2. Increase understanding, interaction, and socialization among and between international and non-international students and 3. Promote a sense of community for open dialogue.
We hope our club will be able to teach you about other places and who knows, maybe one day you'll be inspired to study abroad there. Live locally, but think globally!



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