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Organization Overview

This program was created to connect college students with older adults so that interactive reciprocal relationships and lasting friendships can develop. These relationships will benefit older adults by allowing them to actively engage with a younger cohort while college students may benefit through acquiring more knowledge and appreciation for those who are currently aging. Ultimately, participation in this program allows college students to learn more about the aging process while showing them befriending an older adult is similar to befriending someone their own age.

Category Special Interest
Keywords Friendship, volunteerism, elderly, older adults, seniors, nursing homes
President Name

Victoria Helmly

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Jennifer Morgan

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Organization Purpose Statement

The purpose of this program is to integrate college students with institutionalized older adults so that lasting friendship may develop. The integration has two benefits. The first being that college students will be able to involve themselves with sect of the population they may not other wise come into contact with. This allows college students to learn more about the aging process while addressing the social disconnect and age segregation our Western society has created. The second benefit involves addressing social isolation and loneliness among institutionalized older adults. Through participating in the program students increase outside interaction among older adults while developing lasting friendships.

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