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SLCC Student Travel Waivers (Thayne Center)

This agreement is to be used by students participating in any SLCC student travel. It outlines the responsibilities and expectations of those traveling as members of any SLCC group. By following the pre-approved agenda, this travel conduct agreement, and the policies and procedures of SLCC, you can potentially reduce personal liability, and increase personal and group safety.

If you have family insurance you will have to provide the member/policy number. Please have that information ready to input before starting the form.

NOTE: Only the student traveling may submit this form, others will be denied.

Students - This is only for students 18 and older. (Note: If you are under 18, please contact the Thayne Center at 801-957-4555 or visit us at Redwood STC 020 or South City Campus 2-080

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