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Renee Talamantez
Sep 18, 2013

Submit Funding Request

Sep 18, 2013 by Renee Talamantez

CLUBS & ORGS! Don't forget to submit your Funding Request today! Funding Requests available here:


When preparing budgets and Funding Request Proposal, consider the kinds of programs, events and activities your organization plans to sponsor during the upcoming semester and year. Research the cost of these activities by using the budget categories listed below as a guide. These budget categories include expenditures typically encountered by student organizations.

  • Travel & Transportation (bus/shuttle rental, mileage, etc.)
  • Awards or other forms of recognition
  • Dues, Fees, and Subscriptions (any national dues a local chapter may pay)
  • Printing & Publicity beyond the $15 received each semester by Student Activities
  • Programming Funds (any contracts for outside speakers and entertainment)
  • Office Supplies (some supplies may be provided by the SALC)
  • Miscellaneous

The more detailed your funding request the more likely you will receive partial or full funding for your event or program.


  • Be a Chartered Organization
  • Have all materials turned in (forms, risk management) on time
  • Be able to provide an itemized budget from the previous semester demonstrating no more than 25% of funds were used on general meetings and a proposed budget for the following semester
  • Turn in the Semester Summary form
  • President and officers must attend any trainings and meetings
  • All previous funding was used for approved events


The specifics for funding are the same for both registered and chartered organizations. They are as follows:

  • Alcohol – No organization funds may be used for purchase of alcohol
  • Advertising/Publicity/Printing – Requests through Printing & Postal will only be funded up to $15 per semester. Organizations must have their printing requests approved in the Office of Student Activities before being submitted to the Printing & Postal.
  • Speakers – Funding is available for a speaker’s set fee or honorarium.
  • Food – No funding from Student Activities may be used for planning or officer meetings.
  • Consideration will be given for receptions following special presentations or speakers.
  • Miscellaneous- No funding for discretionary, not-specific miscellaneous expenses, emergency cash, petty cash, or non-specific requests.
  • No funding for political organizations whose exclusive purpose is to promote a particular political party or political campaign; consideration will be given to events held on campus, publicly announced, and open to the entire university community.
  • Debt Reimbursement
  • No funding from Student Activities may be used for expenses incurred before funding has been granted.


This outline does not mean that a club is guaranteed to have any or all of this described amounts allotted to them. However, clubs will have the ability to fundraise on campus. Due to the limited amount of funds available, it is suggested that clubs find creative ways to fundraise. The Office of Student Activities, along with Corporate and Foundation Relations Office, will happily help to facilitate any fundraising ventures.


Large scale fundraisers or fundraisers with outside venues, corporations, alumni and parents must be approved by the Director of Student Activities and Corporate and Foundation Relations Office.