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ELITE Application 2014 Application

Welcome to the 2014 ELITE Application! ELITE (Educating Leaders In Today’s Environment) is an entry level, interactive leadership program available to incoming undergraduate students. Applications are due May 1, and letters of acceptance are mailed June 1.

The ELITE program is a two-day overnight, off-campus retreat, scheduled prior to orientation for the Fall 2014. In this form, students will have the opportunity to choose a preference of one of two ELITE retreats (preferences are honored based on rank in selection process and cannot be guaranteed):

ELITE Classic - Our traditional retreat focuses on introducing students to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Participants are introduced to the seven values of the model through highly interactive group activities, discussion, and personal reflection. The retreat is held at the DaySpring Conference Center in Ellenton, FL.

ELITE Outdoors – This retreat introduces participants to various roles, skills, and behaviors apparent in team leadership. Roughing it and intentionally designed outdoor simulations provide the backdrop for learning, discussion, and personal reflection. The retreat is held at Cedarkirk in Lithia, FL.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SECTIONS OF THIS APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER TO BE ACCEPTED. If sections are left blank than the application will not be considered.

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.