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This is a central location for all student organization  training opportunities. Workshops, sessions, and events that will count towards the training credits for the academic year are listed by category. To receive credits, organization members must complete the follow-up form after completing credits in each category. If an organization member attends an event that they believe should could for credit, he/she may fill out the appropriate post-event form.

What will my organization get out of the student organization training?

  • Understand and practice efficient communication skills when reporting back to the organization membership
  • Develop strategies to recruit, retain, and continually motivate contributing members to the organization
  • Develop collaborative relationships with other student organizations, University departments, and community partners
  • Foster a campus environment in which students thrive intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically

What are the expectations from my organization this year?

  • Members who attend training should report back to their organization during general meetings
  • Connections should be made between the organization mission and workshops, lectures, etc.
  • Requirements are to be fulfilled by the end of the academic year
  • Credits are accumulated by organization (not individuals)
  • Credits should be completed by all members of the organization – focus on developing future leaders and general members