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Chaiyaporn Songsittichok
Oct 5, 2012

What is Research?

Oct 5, 2012 by Chaiyaporn Songsittichok

Research is the foundation of the academic world. It is pertinent to making advances in any field. Research is a systematic investigation into a subject in order to learn new information, establish facts, or gain a better understanding of the hypothesis being investigated. Here at CSUSB, student researchers are the heart of the University's intellectual community. Students from all disciplines participate in research both on and off campus. CSUSB students are leading many different types of research projects such as: designing and building mobile robots, filming documentaries, studying cultural trends, and pioneering the development of new types of digital communication technology.

The Office is Student Research (OSR) supports student research in every field of study and in a variety of ways. We help students by:

  • offering funds to support research as well as for attending and presenting at conferences.
  • providing information about research activities available to students.
  • providing links to internships and community-based research programs.
  • assisting with writing proposals, finding advisors, and applying to academic conferences.
  • hosting an annual symposium.