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Welcome to our Medical Student Government (MSG) MedSync Portal.

MSG is dedicated to serving OUWB students by being responsive and communicating your initiatives. If you are interested in attending our meetings, check out our event calendar below.

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Meet the Team

Executive Board:
President: Michael Brennan
Vice President: Megan McCrohan
Treasurer: Zachary Dreyer
Secretary: Fionna Sun

M4 Senate:

Camden Burk
Jessica Dzubnar
Sara Dykowski
Manali Shah

M3 Senate:
Sameen Ansari
Neha Ansari
Allyson DiMagno
Bryan Goldman

M2 Senate:
Stuart Goates
Victoria Greenstein
Mitchel Reitsma
Manraj Sekhon

M1 Senate:

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR):
Kuntal Chowdhary, M4
Nathan Loudon, M3
Mustafa Abdullah, M2                                                                                                                 

TBD, M1 

Media Managers:
Elaina Clark  

MSG Advisor:
Dr. Gustavo Patino, Faculty Advisor
Gabriel Dumbrille , Staff Advisor

Committee representatives:
Class of 2018 Committee Reps
Curriculum Committee - Jeff Cross;
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee - Elainee Poling;
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee - Austen Knapp;
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee - Elainee Poling;
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee - Kalli Sarigiannis;
Finance Committee - Tom LaRoure, Jeff Cross;,
Student Awards Committee - Tom LaRoure;
Committee on Research - Rafaella Genova;
Committee for Admissions - Tom LaRoure;
Committee for Faculty Recognition - Parvati Dhurvas;
Scholarship Committee - Sophia Khalil;

Class of 2019 Committee Reps
Curriculum Committee – Emile Muallem;
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee – Megan Miller;
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee – Brian Yuhan;
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee – Jessica Dzubnar;
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee – Melissa Danka;
Finance Committee – Subhash Edupuganti;
Student Awards Committee – Jamilah Hashidi;
Committee on Research – Joshua Powell;
Committee for Admissions – Melissa Danko;
Committee for Faculty Recognition – Daniel Yamane;
Scholarship Committee – Marissa Matthews;

Class of 2020 Committee Reps
Curriculum Committee - Nic Parnell;
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee - Sameen Ansari;
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee - Stacy Lang;
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee - Dalton Blood;
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee - Joseph Adamson;
Medical Library Committee - Julia Kihm;
Finance Committee - Chris Cooper, Ryan Brisson;,
Social Committee Co-Chairs - Alica McLeod, Amy Wozniak;,
Student Awards Committee - Susanna Jain;
Committee on Research - Tammy Luan;
Committee for Admissions - Rachel Shercliffe;
Committee for Faculty Recognition - Sophia Khalil;
Scholarship Committee - Chris Pamacheche;

Class of 2021 Committee Reps
Curriculum Committee - Oluwatoyin Ibironke;
M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee - Heba Elassar;
M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee - Aviv Spillinger;
Curriculum Integration Subcommittee - Zachary Scherzer;
Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee - Manraj Sekhon;
Medical Library Committee - Elaina Clark;
Finance Committee - Victoria Greenstein, Zachary Dreyer;,
Social Committee Co-Chairs - Kala Seawright, Sara Grant;,
Student Awards Committee - Katherine Mullan;
Committee on Research - Fionna Sun;
Committee for Admissions - Kevin Cervantes;
Committee for Faculty Recognition - John Nguyen;
Scholarship Committee - Katherine Mullan;

Portal Information


The OUWB Medical Student Government (MSG) serves as the official representative body of the medical students to the OUWB administration, faculty, Beaumont, Oakland University, and the community. MSG strives to investigate, discuss, and act on issues pertinent to the student body. MSG organizes and oversees committees and their work that is pertinent to the students and the institution. MSG also serves as the fund allocation body for OUWB student organizations. Lastly, MSG serves as the communication medium between the student body and the institution/ institutional partners.


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