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Do you have a passion for the past? Loved a history course that you took? Think you're good at trivia? Want academic assistance or to get to know the professors of the history department? 

Then this is the club for you, and we welcome you! If you're not already a member or are a member but didn't get an invite, e-mail us at All are welcome and membership costs $5 for the full year.

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The club on campus for all things historical. If you enjoy talking about history, whether you're a major or not, this is the club for you. We host social events like pub nights, movie nights, and trivia nights. Academic assistance is offered for all members.



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Our club is participating in the Jr. Exec program! We're actively looking for interested students to join our leadership team. Check out or E-mail us today for more information!

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We are a club dedicated to getting students, whether History majors or historically inclined, involved within the department and on campus. We host entertainment events as well as academic support in the hope of creating lasting relationships with peers and professors as students pursue their degrees and beyond.