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Advisor Agreement

Adviser Agreement

Student involvement in campus organizations provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership and organizational development skills. This involvement also complements their educational objectives with important out-of-class activities by exercising basic freedoms and learning about human behavior. In support of these objectives, it is important that persons with experience in organizations be available to assist students in their organizational endeavors.

While the range of activities of student organizations is diverse, the assistance advisers can give organizations by being responsive to students’ questions on procedural matters, university policies, financial matters, and so on, can help advance the basic reasons for recognizing student organizations at Lake Superior State University.

All recognized student organizations must have a full-time faculty or staff adviser. In special cases, the Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing will direct certain organizations to use an appropriate adviser. These persons may be chosen because of their capabilities in a specific area. In such cases, the student organization shall follow the guidelines of the adviser assigned. In all other cases, the organization may choose an adviser according to bylaw requirements.

Responsibilities of an Adviser to the University

1. The adviser to a student organization must be familiar with university policies and regulations and the particular organization which he/she advises.
2. Lake Superior State University recognizes that the definition of the role of adviser to a student organization is that of consultant or resource person. Therefore, with the assumption and completion of the duties and obligations outlined herein, he/she should be assisting the organization’s members be accountable for their conduct.
3. Because academic success is important to the University’s mission, the adviser may wish to work closely with the students concerning their academic progress.

Responsibilities of Advisers to Recognized Student Organizations

1. Maintain regular contact with officers and members.
2. Assist in scheduling meetings. Serve as a resource person at executive and regular meetings. Attend functions of the organization.
3. Assist with the formulation and/or revision of the organizations bylaws.
4. Encourage and assist the organization to plan active and significant programs. Work with the officers to promote efficient and effective administration of the organization.
5. Assist the treasurer in maintaining accurate accounting procedures and in formulating an annual budget.
6. If it is necessary for an adviser to resign his or her position as adviser, he or she will notify the organization and the Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing.

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