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Bonfire Approval Form

All bonfires will take place within the moveable pits that are owned by the Campus Life Office.  There is a maximum of 2 pits that many be used during your event.  All fires must be started, maintained and extinguished by a Public Safety representative(s).  The organization is responsible for the cost associated with the supplies and Public Safety representative(s) that will be needed for the event.  There will also be a $5 charge for the use of the pits to cover wear and tear on the equipment.  

Please budget for 30 minutes before and after your event as Public Safety will have to retrieve the pits and set them in the appropriate locations (preferred location is in The Galley Plaza).  Firewood must be purchased in a bundle from an appropriate location - please consult the Campus Life Office for recommendations on where to purchase firewood.

Please note that during this event, Public Safety is the ultimate authority - if at ANYTIME a representative(s) from Public Safety feels that the bonfire event is no longer safe, that representative(s) has the authority to extinguish the fire.

Please allow 7-10 business days PRIOR to your event for approval.

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