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The Family Business Club is an organization for all Northeastern University students interested in family business issues, ownership and/or involvement. We welcome general interest groups that share the interests of studying family business relations and/or working for a prospective family business owner, but also anyone who is interested in learning more about business in general.

The purpose of Family Business Club is to provide the club members an opportunity to discuss, enrich, and support the community for personal and professional growth.

The club offers programs such as global family business treks, family business breakfasts, case study development and discussions, surveys, workshops and guest speaker presentations to facilitate students' diverse learning experiences at NU.

The organization is focused on building awareness and education regarding the issues specific to family businesses to provide the members with the knowledge and confidence to successfully work in a family business environment.

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Family Business Club is a home to all NU students who are involved in a family with business ownership engagement. We also welcome students who share the interests in studying family business. The purpose of Family Business Club is to provide the family business committee a chance to meet, to share, to enrich and to support each other to grow. The club offers a number of educational programs such as field trips, guest speakers, fundraising collaborating with different family businesses to enrich our learning experiences. We are here to build your confidence when going into a family business. Periodic meetings are held to enhance the values of the FBC committee.


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209 Hayden

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Ted Clark

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Cheyenne Moltaji

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Karan Kishorepuria

Organization Mission Statement

Family Business Club is a home to all NU students who are involved in a family with business ownerships. We welcome general interest groups who share the interests of learning more about family business and/or planning to become a prospective family business owner.