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Brandon Price
Aug 30, 2017

RSO Update: August 30, 2017

Aug 30, 2017 by Brandon Price

Welcome back everyone! We're excited for your involvement here at UCA and look forward to another great year! 

As you begin planning events and activities for the upcoming year please keep in mind the following:

  • UCA policy does not allow the use of sidewalk chalk on any university property for any purpose.
  • RSO's are expected to register their events/meetings in OrgSync. Any social events are required to be registered on OrgSync per UCA Policy
  • If you are showing a movie or film as part of an RSO activity, the event registration form will require that you furnish proof that you have obtained the screening/performance rights as per US copyright law. Unauthorized film screenings may lead to a loss of RSO privileges and/or recognition in addition to any penalties instituted by law. The Office of Student Life can help you obtain a screening license should your organization wish to show a film or movie.
  • As per University Policy and Arkansas State law, student organizations are not to conduct any raffles as part of their events. A raffle is a form of lottery in which each participant buys a ticket for an article put up as a prize with the winner being determined by random drawing.  Raffles may only be conducted by an authorized bingo and raffle organization that must meet certain requirements with regard to tax-exempt status and years in existence, and they must have a permit from the Department of Finance and Administration.
    In addition to being contrary to university policy, an illegal raffle is a criminal offense. 
    Door prizes or drawings should not be used to circumvent raffle law, i.e. you cannot charge admission to your event and give away a prize to only the paid attendees.

The renewal deadline for Fall 2017 is nearing on Friday September 8, 2017. If your organization's renewal has been submitted but not accepted it's most likely because there are missing position forms which need to be submitted for officers listed. For an outline of the process, please refer to the previous RSO Update email which can be found here:

If you have questions about the status of your organization for the Fall, contact me at

The annual Fall RSO Training will be held on September 6 at 4 PM in the Student Center Ballroom. This training is required for all RSO presidents and it is highly encouraged that one or two other officers also attend. We will be going over important policy updates, campus procedures for scheduling, registering events and more.

Following RSO training, there will also be a Social Events training at 6 PM in the Student Center Ballroom. This training is required only for organizations who wish to host social events on campus.
Social events (as defined in the UCA Student Handbook) include (but are not limited to) parties, concerts, festivals, sporting events and races, movie nights, game nights, etc. The president, two executive board officers and the member responsible for planning events must attend this training each semester. If you have a question on whether or not your organization should be in attendance for this training, contact me at

The following dates are located in your organization's portal calendar as well as the main OrgSync and RSO website calendar. Details about SAFA procedures will be covered during the upcoming RSO training. For questions pertaining to SAFA, contact

Budget Trainings (1:30-2:30p): Sept. 14--SC 213, Sep. 21-- SC 214, Sept. 28-- 214

Budget Request Deadline: Sept. 29--11:59p

Deadline to sign up for a hearing: Oct. 2 by 4:00pm

SAFA Hearings: Oct. 3-5, SC 207E. Made through appointment

Payment Trainings (1:30-2:30p): Nov. 2 and Nov. 9; SC 214

The Fall RSO Fair will take place in the Student Center Amphitheater on September 14 from 12-3 PM. Organization's may register their spot beginning today and registration will close at 11:59 PM on September 7. Click here for more info and to register a spot for your organization.

School may have just begun but make sure to keep homecoming week in your organization's plans. This year, homecoming week is October 23-28. We're celebrating 110 years of UCA history, so the theme for this year's festivities is "Throwback". More information about homecoming week activities and homecoming court nomination dates will be sent out soon!