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Brandon Price
May 3, 2017

RSO Update: 3-May-2017

May 3, 2017 by Brandon Price

Fall Organization Renewals

Beginning today, you should see the following orange banner on your OrgSync page. Don't be alarmed, this just means the Fall RSO renewal process has begun! The most important part of the renewal process is updating your officer lists, so please pay special attention to that step!

To submit your RSO renewal, simply click the "update now" button and fill out the forms which pop up.

  • The first page will be where you can update/change basic organization information, such as description, keywords, website address and profile photo.
  • The second page is where you will update officers. President, Treasurer and Faculty/Staff Advisor are required.
    If an officer has transitioned, you should simply add (or modify) their end date to reflect when that transition happened, and then add the new officer below with the start date to reflect the transition date:
    *IMPORTANT NOTE* any changes to the advisor, treasurer or president will need to be verified by those listed. Upon submitting the renewal, they will automatically receive an email from OrgSync asking them to fill out a required form. This form MUST be submitted by that person before your organization's renewal can be approved.
  • The third page will allow you to reference your organization's mailbox number (if applicable), agency account number (if applicable) and input an EIN number (if your organization has an off-campus bank account).
  • The fourth page is where you can update your organization's constitution, membership qualifications, meeting time, day and location. It will autofill with the last submitted information, so if there are no changes you can simply proceed to the next page
  • The last page is simply a reminder to double check any information you previously submitted. If everything is good, click the green "Finish" button! Any new officers listed will automatically be notified to fill out their required forms once you've hit "Finish".

Organization renewals must be completed and approved by Friday, September 8, 2017. Any organizations with a submitted renewal but missing officer information will be marked as incomplete and will lose all RSO privileges (including any pending room reservations and access to SAFA funds) until the form has been received. Email reminders will be sent periodically throughout the summer and beginning of the Fall semester.

Any RSO who fails to submit a renewal by that deadline will be marked as inactive and lose their recognition status.

NOTE: If your organization doesn't elect new officers until after the renewal deadline, you can still submit the renewal now with your current officers listed and any updated organization information. Officers can be edited and changed any time during the year independent of the organization renewal process.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at

Important Dates

Mark your calendars for the following important dates in the Fall 2017 semester! These dates will be posted on the RSO website ( as well as in your organization's OrgSync portal. Additional dates and information for Welcome Week (Move-in day and Conway Daze) will be sent out and posted on OrgSync soon.

  • Fall 2016 RSO Training  |  September 6  |  4 PM  |  Student Center Ballroom
    • This is required for all RSO Presidents. Advisors and other officers are encouraged to attend.
  • Social Events Training  |  September 6  |  6 PM  |  Student Center Ballroom
    • This training is required only for organizations who wish to host social events on campus. Social events (as defined in the UCA Student Handbook) include (but are not limited to) parties, concerts, festivals, sporting events and races, movie nights, game nights, etc. The president, two executive board officers and the member responsible for planning events must attend this training each semester.
  • Fall RSO Fair  |  October 12  |  12-3 PM  |  Student Center Amphitheater


RSO mailboxes should be checked before the summer break. If your organization has mail needing to be picked up, the officers listed on OrgSync will receive an email message soon. Organization's with mailboxes who fail to regularly check it may risk having their mailbox number re-assigned.