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Getting Started: A Guide for New RSO's

Congratulations! Your organization has been approved and you're ready to take the next steps in developing your membership and helping grow the campus community here at UCA. The Office of Student Life wants to make sure that you have some basic information to successfully run your organization and know the various campus policies, procedures and resources available to you. As always, check OrgSync and visit for more in-depth information.

First things first; if you haven't already done so be sure to download the OrgSync app for your smartphone. Search for "OrgSync in the App Store or Google Play to get started today! You can also bookmark the OrgSync homepage to have access to administrator functions from your desktop or laptop device.

Be sure to check your organization's OrgSync portal regularly. All the important forms, files and dates will be listed within the forms, files and events tab of your portal and will automatically update with the most current information. Both mandatory and optional dates and trainings will be notated as such, and are shown together with any events you place on your organization's calendar.

Add Members to your Portal

Upon approval, the requestor (usually the RSO president) and the Faculty/Staff advisor are automatically added to your Organization's membership roster. This roster is listed by clicking the "people" tab in your organization's portal:

Within that people tab, you will see all current members to the left. You can click on any person's name to bring up their profile information, send them a message, remove them from your organization or add them to a group. By default, each portal has three groups: Administrators, Officers and Members. Presidents and Advisors should always be placed in the administrators group. You can create custom groups by clicking on the "All People" menu at the top of the left column, then clicking the green "create group" button.

On the right side of the people module, administrators will see the invite people button, roster export button and any pending join requests. You can invite people to join your organization via email, and you can have them automatically placed into a group of your choosing. Also, be sure you check and approve or deny membership requests regularly!

*Remember, if someone isn't listed as a member of your RSO in the people tab in OrgSync they are not officially members of the RSO, so be sure you're inviting and adding all your new members*

For a more in-depth look at the People Roster and everything it can do, click here

Creating, Scheduling and Registering Events

All RSO's at the University of Central Arkansas are expected to register any events they host both on and off-campus. The process is incredibly simple, and is as easy as clicking the green "create an event" button located in the "Events" tab of your OrgSync page.

Beginning this fall all space on campus, both indoor and outdoor will be done through the campus virtual EMS system. This will be available to RSO  presidents, advisors and any other organization member who completes the EMS training and registration form on OrgSync. More details about this process will be emailed out and discussed at the mandatory RSO trainings this year.

Note: Reserving a space in EMS does not replace the event registration process in OrgSync; both requests must be submitted. Because some types of events take longer to approve (socials, off-campus, speakers/performers, etc.) organizations should complete the event registration process on OrgSync before submitting a room reservation request in EMS. If you need to go back and change any of your event details in OrgSync to reflect an approved room reservation, you can easily do so later.

The Office of Student Life has purchased student ID card scanners that can be checked out and used at your events and meetings to log attendance. We encourage all organizations to take advantage of this valuable tool for membership development and record keeping.

For a more in-depth look at how card swipe/scanning based attendance works in OrgSync, click here

For a step-by-step guide on creating events in your OrgSync portal, click here

Managing Files and RSO Records

The Files tab in your RSO portal is an amazing tool that will allow you to organize, archive and create collaborative folders for your entire organization, officers in the organization or just certain groups (the same groups listed in the People tab). Any file or folder with an Umbrella icon next to it is a file placed in your portal by the Office of Student Life. Additionally, you can pin certain files/folders to the top of the list by clicking the pin icon. You can upload almost any type of file here, and your storage space is unlimited!

Files and folders are only as visible as you set them to be, so you can choose to make something public OR visible only to selected groups within your organization (meaning that not all organization members would be able to see them).

Administrators in your portal will also be able to upload new versions to existing files, and each version is backed up for archival purposes. However, to avoid any confusion normal members will only see and be able to download the most recent version of the file.

We encourage you to take advantage of this files tool for organizational continuity. Your organization's files will remain there even after you graduate and can provide valuable insight and historical data for future members and president's of your organization.

For more information about File Management in OrgSync, click here

Mandatory Dates and Deadlines

Listed below are the upcoming mandatory dates and deadlines. For future reference, these dates (along with with optional trainings and development opportunities) are listed in the "Events" tab of your organization's portal, along with any events you create on your organization's calendar.

Note: Some of these mandatory trainings may have a registration form, so be sure to click and view the event to see if registration is required.

Requesting an RSO Mailbox

Some organizations wish to have an on-campus mailing address to which they may receive correspondence delivered by US Mail. If you would like to have a mailbox for your organization, please click here and fill out this form.

Background Check Form

If you plan on applying for and receiving SAFA funds, please click here to fill out the background check form.

That's all for now! Be sure to check your OrgSync messages and UCA email regularly for any important updates or communication from the Office of Student Life. If you ever have any questions feel free to email, call (501-450-3137) or stop by our office in SC 207!