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Officer Transition Checklist

A smooth transition is the responsibility of both the outgoing and incoming members of an organization. This page serves as a guide for training for new officers, closure for the outgoing leaders, and helps the organization maintain consistency from year to year.

OrgSync Transition
☐ Edit administrators and officers
☐ RSO Guide (
☐ Weekly announcements (sent via OrgSync message)
☐ YouTube instructional videos

Student Life Policies
☐ Profile update on OrgSync; Organization Renewal Due ANNUALLY each April
☐ Social Events Policy Training
☐ RSO Officer Trainings every January and September
☐ Student Handbook Policies

Files & Information Related to Organization & Positions
☐ Mission, goals, and purpose of RSO
☐ Officer position duties
☐ Insight and advice from experienced officers
☐ Login information and passwords for online accounts
☐ Contact information for all officers
☐ Plan a retreat or meeting with executive board and advisor
☐ Update & upload previous documents to OrgSync (constitution, membership, budget, minutes, etc.)
☐ Discuss unfinished projects or Goals
☐ Calendar of important dates and events (RSO Fair & Training, SAFA, scheduled events, etc.)

Resources and Introductions
☐ Scheduling Offices and Forms
☐ Student Center Office (reserve a banner or table & flyers)