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Request for Design Services (Non-PSU Clients)

The Graphic Design Center at Portland State University is a student-run design studio at Portland State University in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

Our services are available to PSU student organizations and departments, as well as the general public for all aspects of design work. We create promotional materials, ad campaigns, visual identities, and anything else you need.

Please use this form to request GDC design services! This is the first step in initiating your design project. After submitting the form, we will contact you. Rates are based upon the typical amount of time needed to complete each project, and are therefore subject to change depending on your needs. 


By-the-hour Projects: We can do lot of things for you! Unsure of what you want or don't know how to describe it? Be as detailed as you can when you fill out this form--we will help you decide once we have received it!

The current hourly rate for non-PSU clients is $38/hour.

All-in-one Packages: Bundling assures a fixed price so you know exactly what you're paying! Printing not included.

  • Visual Identity Package $759: includes logo, letterhead, business card, signage, and one promotional piece. Good for newly established businesses/organizations or businesses/organizations that want to brand themselves.
  • Event Promotion Package $449: includes print (poster, flyer, postcard) and digital promotional materials (for website, Facebook profile picture, Facebook banner, Instagram picture, Snapchat filter). Good for promoting events put on by your business/organization. This package assures the professionalism and consistency across all of your promo materials.
  • Event Branding Package $759: includes market research, concept development, and the Event Promotion Package. Good for large events or re-establishing the "brand" and "image" of an unsuccessful event you have had in the past.

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