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Welcome, CREW 3 Northparkers!

Come Wednesday, 21 of August 2013, you will officially be a college freshman, and I hope that you are exited to start your next phase in life. My name is Isaac and I will be your official Team Leader for the week of Threshold, which is going to be a blast. Threshold is great experience, whether your a commuter or a resident, where you can meet new people, get to know North Park and see Chicago. It is an exciting week to start an exciting time in your life.

A little bit about myself: I am originally from Normal Il.  I am a Global Studies as well as a Politics and Government major, with a focus in the Middle East and Africa, with a minor in Arabic. I am a Cross Country and Track runner, and will be living in Burgh next year.  I love to talk and listen. So be prepared. 

Two things that you should do before you get to campus: First, have your fast facts ready. They should go like this, "Hi/Hello/Yo/Salutations, my name is _______, I am from _______, _________. I plan to study ________. I came to North Park because ___________. " You will use this so many times during Threshold that it will be burned into your mind anyways, so better to get a head start.  Second, think a bit about what you would like to accomplish in college, maybe even write down some goals, because college is a big step in life and thinking about where you want to end up is helpful. A wise man once said, "If a ship does not know to which port it wishes to sail, no wind is favorable." Don't be that ship. There is a good chance that you, like me, are spending a lot of money on college. So it is not a bad idea to take a little time this summer and think about what you would like to get out of it. 

Looking forward to getting to know all of you. If you have any questions about Threshold or North Park in general, please ask away; my email is Feel free to add me on Facebook, if you are into that, because I am fairly certain that I am the only person still using Email. If I don't add you right way it is probably because I haven't  found time to get to an Internet cafe in Morocco, where I'll be studying this summer. So, if you have any questions about Morocco, I could do that too. 

Me and the Crew leaders can't wait to meet you!

Have a great summer and we'll see you soon.

Isaac C Bauer. 

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