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UVU Center for Social Impact Partner Proposal

Completing this Form

Before completing this form, you must have gone through the Online Center for Social Impact Training. This form contains one page of compliance questions relating to the Online Orientation. Then there are three parts: Partnership requirements, Project Information and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

What is the UVU Approved Partner of the Center for Social Impact Proposal Form?

The purpose of the UVU Approved Partner of the Center for Social Impact Proposal Form is to create a formal opportunity for community agencies to partner with the UVU Center for Social Impact; to provide rich opportunities for students, as well as share resources with each other to further expand both organizations.

Once the proposal form is submitted, the Center for Social Impact will review and determine if the partnership requirements are met. You will be notified when your proposal is received. Once your proposal is approved, your organization will be updated here on Orgsync. You will be able to use Orgsync to create a public profile to get your volunteer opportunities out to UVU students.

If you have any questions please call 801-863-8786 or email

NOTE: A copy of your organization's Certificate of Insurance must be uploaded before submitting this form.

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