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The SCA Mission:

Acting as a focus point for the Full Sail CommUnity and the Full Sail administration, the Student Community Association (SCA) is here to help coordinate club growth, disperse information, and provide an outlet for expansion and networking with other organizations who share similar goals and interests across campus and online platforms.



Associations are entities formed and run exclusively by students and cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to those with specific focuses listed below. Clubs are still required to obtain a staff/faculty sponsor.


A Group is an entity formed by staff/faculty with an appointed student leadership team. Groups enhance core curriculum or represent industry organizations or professional chapters such as SIGGRAPH or IGDA.


A league is an entity formed by either staff or students that has a focus on activates that require facilities located off campus, such as soccer, baseball, skateboarding etc. Leagues can hold meetings on campus property provided no league “equipment” is present.

Portal Information



President Name

Lionel Rodreiguez

Vice-President Name

DeShawn Anderson

Vice-President Email
Club Advisor Name

Jessica Henlon

Club Advisor Email