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The Geomatics program prepares students for a profession in Geomatics on a state, regional, national and international level in public, private and academic settings. Geomatics is a subset of Geospatial Science and was formerly known as Surveying. This profession has now grown to encompass integration, acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of geospatial reference data used in civil engineering, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), geodesy and remote sensing.

The Geomatics Clubs primary purpose is to promote the Geospatial Professions and recruit students to the Geomatics Program here at UVU.

As Surveyors and Geospatial professionals we get to use fun and high tech. toys (tools) like GPS, 3D laser scanners, aerial maps, total stations, robotic stations, GIS, Civil 3D, COGO, and we even get involved with the law and many legal principles as they relate to land and property.

If you want to get involved please join our club!!!!


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