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Trevor Landsburg
Sep 7, 2017

ClubsNews: Happy Orientation Week!

Sep 7, 2017 by Trevor Landsburg

Happy Orientation Week! We hope you’re having tons of fun prepping for the exciting year ahead – because we sure are! Read up on some updates about Clubs Week, the mandatory ClubHub Training Sessions, Clubs East Renovations, your new ASO, and more! Check out the latest and greatest on this week's ClubsNews (read online here). TL/DR:

  • Clubs Week is happening Sept 18-22 in MacHall - reserve a table for your club here
  • Complete one of your club’s mandatory requirements by attending a ClubHub 101 session (September 26-28) if you’re a beginner club exec or a ClubHub 201 (September 29) if you’re more experienced
  • Clubs East Renovations are well under way and will offer tons more storage space options
  • Drop by the Clubs Office and say hi to our new ASO, Charlotte
  • Pick up your pledge forms for Get Out the Vote beginning on September 11 and give your club a chance to win some extra funding
  • Volunteer at the Alumni Weekend September 22-24
  • Plan ahead by getting to know important dates and deadlines on the Clubs Website

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Visit the help page or send us an email! Remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates, news, and other fun stuff!

As always…

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