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Marcus Plottel
Mar 30, 2017

Clubs News: BSD, Surveys, and Annual Reports!

Mar 30, 2017 by Marcus Plottel

Bon Voyage Clubs,

Less than two weeks until BSD! As a reminder, both clubs areas are CLOSED all day on April 12. If you're looking for an alternate way to celebrate the end of classes, check out the UCalgary Strong Festival!

There's a few things you need to do before the end of April, and this week's ClubsNews (read online here) has all of the details you'll ever need and more. TL/DR:

  • Annual Reports are now open on ClubHub and are due April 28. Check the Help Page for a rundown of what's required.
  • Got a club locker? Clean out deadline is also April 28.
  • Got an opinion? Share it in the 2017 Clubs Survey for your chance to win a $10 MacHall Gift Card and give feedback on the SU Clubs system!
  • This week's Clubs Spotlight winner is the Kidney Health Club for their Kidney Clothes Drive event earlier in March. Have your next big event showcased for your chance to win!
  • New Co-Curricular Record roles must be added before March 31. Execs must register for their roles before May 6.

You may also notice that we've added a ton of new Positions to ClubHub, which you will see when you do your Annual Report. Check the clubs help page or email me to set up an appointment if you have questions! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updates, news, Spotlight Events, and more!

Bonus News: Winners of the 2016/17 Club Awards will be announced at the Club Awards Banquet on April 5 (our guest list is currently at capacity, thanks everyone for your early RSVPs!) and posted online on April 6.

As always,

Be Excellent to Each Other!