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Marcus Plottel
Jan 5, 2017

ClubsNews: Clubs Week 2017!

Jan 5, 2017 by Marcus Plottel

And We're Back!

With classes starting next week, now is the time to plan your club's semester - starting with Clubs Week January 16-19 and Foothills Clubs Day January 12!

For specific details, check out this week's ClubsNews (read online here)! Even the TL/DR is packed full of awesomeness:

  • Clubs Week January 2017 table requests are open on ClubHub.
  • Foothills Clubs Day table requests are also open, also on ClubHub.
  • Club Award nominations are open on ClubHub.
  • Eric Lahoda Memorial SU Clubs Scholarship applications are open on ClubHub.
  • Club Hub 101 sessions (new clubs & clubs that missed Sept) Jan 24 & 25.
  • Direct Deposit has finally arrived, but we need your help to make this work.
  • Have your next big event showcased in the Clubs Spotlight.
  • Run in the SU Election, attend Camp LEAD, and more!

The Clubs Office may be a bit busier than usual over the next couple of weeks, and we appreciate your patience while we catch up after the holidays. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updates, news, Spotlight Events, and more!

As always,

Be Excellent to Each Other!