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Marcus Plottel
Aug 18, 2016

September is Coming: Clubs Week, Campus Expo, ClubHub 101...

Aug 18, 2016 by Marcus Plottel

Some say that the CSO never actually leaves the clubs office, and that he is actually several leprechauns in a person costume... 

All we know is he's been working hard all summer and stoked for clubs to come back in September! Want to get in the know for fall? Check out the two-page August edition of ClubsNews (read online here)! TL/DR:

  • Clubs Week: Registration opens September 5 on ClubHub.
  • Campus Expo: September 6. All club tables are full, get on the wait list by emailing
  • ClubHub 101: Replacing 'Survival Seminars,' these are still mandatory sessions in September!
  • Advertise your club's event on NUTV and/or The LOOP!
  • Fall and Winter locker requests are now open and filling up fast!
  • Apply to be a student-at-large, register for the Sophomore Leadership Program, and check out the Interfaith Dinner & Student Alliance. See the newsletter for details!

With all these exciting events, opportunities, and more, the clubs office may be a bit slower to respond to requests over the next few weeks, so get yours in early! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay on top of closures, deadlines, and more!

Contact for more info, and as always,

Be Excellent to Each Other!