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Marcus Plottel
Jul 21, 2016

A Wild New Funding Form Appears!

Jul 21, 2016 by Marcus Plottel

First off, doesn't your SU President look great in 50 pairs of shades? 

Sun is shining, weather is sweet. Over the summer ClubsNews is a monthly publication, so to the rescue, here it is (read online here)! TL/DR:

  • All club funding is now requested through one new form, and there are exciting updates to Last-Minute funding. See the newsletter for details!
  • A special Funding Workshop will be held August 3 & 11. Can't make it? Ask questions online in advance here.
  • The 2016 / 17 Clubs Manual has been published online. Web updates are in progress.
  • Fall Special Events Funding Deadline is August 12.
  • Fall and Winter locker requests open August 12.
  • Campus Expo: September 6. Sign up today be emailing
  • Clubs Week: Registration opens September 5 on ClubHub.
  • ClubHub 101: Replacing 'Survival Seminars,' these are still mandatory sessions in September!

The best time to catch the CSO  in the clubs office is mid-week throughout August. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay on top of closures, deadlines, and more!

Contact for more info, and as always,

Be Excellent to Each Other!