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Welcome to the University of Oregon Club Fencing! We are a club dedicated to fencing and we practice mainly epee and foil, although we have saber available for use. All skill levels are welcome and we offer beginning classes for people who are just getting started.

Only come with a big smile and enjoy the sport and the atmosphere during the practices.

All the practices are from

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:00-8:15 pm


All these practice happen at the Student Rec Center ( SCR) in Studio 71.

We also travel and do a variety of tournaments throughout the year if you are interested in competing.

If you have any comments or questions about club fencing, please email me at

Thanks and we hope you come check out this exciting sport!


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If you want to play a unique sport that combines physical fitness with mental agility in dynamic, fast-paced matchups called bouts at the University of Oregon then fencing is the one. The club provides opportunities for fencers with all levels to have fun and compete if they want. Our membership ranges from beginner to advanced fencers. If you don’t have any equipment of your own we can provide everything you need (free) to begin fencing right away (you need to wear sweatpants). Anyone is welcome to come to the practices and watch. We accept players to join till the practice room has a good amoount of people to play. This is a great club for meeting new people and learning a unique sport (^_^).

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-Mohammed Almuaishi (Mo)

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Evan Cheng

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