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Student Association Registration - Request Form

Thank you for your interest in starting a Student Association!

Getting involved and organizing a student group is a great way to connect with fellow students, develop leadership skills, discover new interests or share your passions with the College community! 

Student Association RequirementsBefore you begin this form, be sure you have the following criteria met as they are required of all Student Associations.

  1. Six Saint Paul College students interested in joining the Student Association.
  2. A faculty member that would serve as the group's advisor (approval from Dean required).
  3. A constitution that outlines the group's purpose and function. Use this template as a guide.

Student Association  Registration - Request Form Details - There are three components to the request form the Student Senate needs to be received in order to be considered for recognition.

  1. Student Association Registration - Request Form (You are currently filling this out.)
  2. Student Association Registration - Advisor Agreement (Embedded and automatically sent with this form.)
  3. Student Association Registration - Dean's Approval (Embedded and automatically sent with this form.)

Once the Executive Board receives all of these components, they will present your request to the General Assembly for recognition.  Once approved, you will be a recognized group that has access to funds, meeting space, and other Student Life and Senate resources!

If you have any questions about completing this form or Student Associations, please contact any of the following:

Student Senate - Room 1170 | | 651-846-4084

Office of Student Life - Room 1170 | | 651-846-1659

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