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Becky Girvan
Feb 27, 2018

Funding via Senate Special Requests for the next 5 weeks due this Friday

Feb 27, 2018 by Becky Girvan

Notice: Funding via Senate Special Requests for the next 5 weeks due this Friday

There will not be a Student Senate meeting during week 10, “dead week”. ASUO’s governing rules do not require this meeting and Student Senators would like to take this time to focus on their academics.

Because Senate does not meet during finals week, the special request/surplus request deadline for any Winter Term and start of Spring Term funds will be Friday March 2*. Note that Spring Break causes a gap between Winter and Spring Term; accordingly, student organizations must plan ahead – all the way ahead to Week 1 of Spring Term – and act now if you need to transfer within your budget or request surplus funds prior to the second week of April.

Important dates:
  1. Friday March 2 is the last day to submit a surplus request in order to be eligible for the request to be heard this term.

  2. Requests for surplus funds in excess of $999 received by this deadline MUST meet with a Senator or they will not be scheduled*.

  3. Senate’s last meeting for Winter Term will be Wednesday March 7.

  4. The next date that Senate will meet to consider surplus requests is Wednesday, April 4 (Week 1).

Should you have questions or need guidance regarding special requests, please:

Thank you for planning ahead!


Lauren Young, Student Senate President

*Every surplus request in excess of $999 is required to meet with a Senator. The end of term is no different.