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Carter Fritsch
Feb 28, 2016

2016 ASUO Elections Voter Guide Welcome Letter

Feb 28, 2016 by Carter Fritsch

2016 ASUO Elections Candidates,

First off, we’d like to thank you for your choice to run for student government office here at UO. The ASUO and the University community faces tough challenges and it takes dedicated leaders to face them head on.

To introduce ourselves, we are the 2016 ASUO Voter Guide Team: a group made up of journalism students in collaboration with the ASUO to help produce a neutral, accessible, and interactive voter guide. The purpose of the guide is to help students get to know their candidates for office better, to help them make better-informed decisions when going to the polls this spring. If you aren’t familiar with the voter guide, you can check out last years at This will be our second year producing the guide, and we’re excited to get started!

Now that you’re running, it’s time to get your profile for the voter guide ready! The guide profiles consist of two parts: a text component and a photo/video component.

The text component comes from a google form that all candidates fill out, which can be found here: This form has questions about you to help voters know a bit more about you, as well as some questions related to your candidacy. Please fill this out as soon as possible, but be sure to proof your response, as it will not be edited by the Voter Guide Team. The form will close Monday, March 14th at 11 PM, so please get in your response quickly!

The photo/video component of your profile is produced by the Voter Guide Team at an interview in the SOJC Studio, located on the first floor of Allen Hall. After some feedback from candidates, we have decided to schedule interview sessions for Saturday and Sunday of the next two weekends, March 5th/6th and 12th/13th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Interview sessions will be about 15 minutes long, and will include a professional headshot as well as a video shoot that will ask two questions:

• Draw yourself on a whiteboard.
• Why should we vote for you?

To sign up for an interview session, please use our scheduling tool here: Please pick the earliest time you are available to come in, as we will not have makeup sessions after these slots are over.

After we’ve compiled all the information from candidates, the voter guide will be published by Monday, April 4th - at that point, you can share your profile page to everyone you know to help spread the word about your campaign!

Once again we’d like to thank you for participating in the ASUO Elections Voter Guide! We’re excited to see and hear from all the candidates, and hope to hear from you soon! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at, or reach out to any members of the Voter Guide Team directly.


The ASUO Voter Guide Team

Vania Ahmad, Aven-itza De Primavera, Joseph McRobert, Bobby Whittingham, Andy Tsubasa Field, Emily Foster, Grace Hashiguchi, Sarah Russell, Carter Fritsch