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USI Student Education Association (SEA)

Please go to the following web site to become an official member:  

SEA meets every first Thursday of each month.  Feel free to join us to hear the current updates for SEA and Education everywhere! 

We look forward to meeting you and working with you as you work toward your goal of becoming a teacher!

Portal Information


Student Education Association (SEA) is an organization for students interested in the field of education. SEA welcomes all education majors. This organization holds monthly meetings in which we discuss professional development activities, community service opportunities, and current news in education. Members have the opportunity to attend the ISEA fall conference in Indianapolis each October and participate in Outreach to Teach Program each April. Dues are $40.


Academic-Science, Engineering & Education

President (Primary Contact)

Kereston Hochgesang

President (Primary Contact) Email Address
On-Campus Advisor Name

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Teresa Branson

On-Campus Advisor Email

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