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Welcome to the Center for Conflict Resolution in the School of Business at La Sierra University, Riverside, California. We exist to transform this world by collaborating with you in the robust fields of conflict resolution, transformative mediation, collaborative law, compassion research, bullying prevention and restorative justice. Our Creator has given you an instinct for compassion. You don't have to choose sides and, instead, you can practice the neutrality embodied in our Creator! You are invited to be a conduit of compassion and be a Prodigal Peacemaker, bringing life and good things to the righteous and the unrighteous, the just and the unjust. If this sounds puzzling, interesting, frightening, or just too wonderful to be true, come check us out and make your own decision!


** If you are a student of La Sierra University and is willing to take the mediation training on April 27-29, 2012, please click the link below. It will direct you to the payment page. Thank you!

PAY HERE (Deadline to pay your fee is on April 27, 2012)

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