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Welcome to the Center for Conflict Resolution in the School of Business at La Sierra University, Riverside, California. We exist to transform this world by collaborating with you in the robust fields of conflict resolution, transformative mediation, collaborative law, compassion research, bullying prevention and restorative justice. Our Creator has given you an instinct for compassion. You don't have to choose sides and, instead, you can practice the neutrality embodied in our Creator! You are invited to be a conduit of compassion and be a Prodigal Peacemaker, bringing life and good things to the righteous and the unrighteous, the just and the unjust. If this sounds puzzling, interesting, frightening, or just too wonderful to be true, come check us out and make your own decision!


** If you are a student of La Sierra University and is willing to take the mediation training on April 27-29, 2012, please click the link below. It will direct you to the payment page. Thank you!

PAY HERE (Deadline to pay your fee is on April 27, 2012)

Portal Information


Welcome to the Center for Conflict Resolution at La Sierra University. The Center's goal is to help you resolve actual or potential conflicts. While Center programs and personnel can provide crucial support as you attempt to reduce the risk of litigation, the Center is committed to equipping people to deal successfully with conflicts of all kinds. The Center's mission is to:

foster interdisciplinary research related to conflict management;
offer for-credit and non-credit courses and curricula designed prepare students to resolve conflicts in business, government, the not-for-profit sector, and their faith communities;
help people and organizations identify best practices for conflict resolution that will strengthen vital relationships; and
assist business, governmental, not-for-profit, and religious organizations in resolving conflicts through mediation, negotiation, and facilitation using collaborative, non-adversarial processes-through private for-fee casework as well as pro bono programs, negotiation and advocacy consultation, organizational systems design services, and strategic communication consulting.



Department Chair Name

Dean Johnny Thomas