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Travel Pre-Authorization Form 2019-2020

This form is required for all ASUO student organizations traveling  for any event/conference/site visit/performance/retreat where the group will be using any of their ASUO administered funds. 

About this form

The Travel Pre-Authorization Request Form verifies your budget line item use for the travel and assures that your expenses use your funds in an allowable manner that will be eligible for payment or reimbursement. The supplied information also gives ASUO needed information on the location of your travelers in case of an issue or Natural Disaster, so that we can reach out and assist as needed. In addition, this form helps keep ASUO in compliance with the Cleary Act, a law requiring us to maintain logs of locations used by students attending out of town conferences or other overnight events. These records contain no private student information.

What you need to fill this out

You will need a full itinerary of your event showing timeline, stops, and locations to be visited.

You will need a clear Business Purpose for your trip.

You will need a list of expected Participants traveling. Adds and changes can be made as you get closer to your trip. 

If you are using this form for incoming guests please attach their signed Contract instead of the Itinerary.

NOTE: You may receive emails from UO's travel system: SAP Concur. The email may mention that there is an outstanding credit card transaction. NO action is required but please forward the email to

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