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Airfare Request Form 2019-2020

This form is used for ASUO-recognized student organizations to request an airfare for their officers/members to attend events and for guests to travel here and participate in their events.

Only travel quotes from Premier Travel (541-747-0909) can be booked through UO Travel Office. Airfare requests take a lot of coordination between the ASUO, UO Travel Office and travel agencies. So, it's very important that requests are submitted on time.

Deadline? Form must be submitted and approved before 2:00 PM on the day airfare needs to be booked

Who Can Submit? Only authorized signers for your organization. Forms submitted by non-authorized signers will be denied.

Tips for Completing:

  • If the airfare is for a contractor all contract paperwork must be submitted to the finance office before the airfare can be processed.
  • Obtain a copy of your current ledger from ASUO Finance (email before starting; you will need current balances and names of the budget line items to accurately complete the form.
  • Complete the Travel Itinerary Sheet. The travel agent will need the information listed on the form to reserve a flight
  • Contact the travel agencies to request for quotes. Let them know that you're with the ASUO. Often times, they'll send you a couple of quotes.
  • Get a quote approved by the traveler. Contact the travel agent to reserve the selected quote. Quotes can be reserved for a limited time, be sure to complete the form right away
  • The travel agent should email you the reserved quote. Save the email in pdf (to be uploaded later)
  • If the airfare request is for student/staff to attend a conference/event, download the event agenda in pdf (to be uploaded later)

NOTE: A comparison quote is required when the traveler combines personal travel with UO travel or when using a non-direct route. For more information, please visit the UO Travel Website

What Happens After You Submit?

  1. ASUO Finance will review your form for accuracy and completeness
  2. Once reviewed by the ASUO Finance, a ASUO prof staff will approve your request and submit to the UO Travel Office
  3. UO Travel Office will do final review and will send payment authorization to the travel agency to book the flight
  4. The travel agency will send an email with booking information by 5:00 PM

For general questions about completing the form, please contact ASUO Finance at or 541-346-0626

DISCLAIMER: You may receive emails from UO's travel system: SAP Concur. The email may mention that there is an outstanding credit card transaction. Please disregard these emails.

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