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Welcome to the College Democrats of OU. Here you will be able to discuss politics, learn more about the Democratic Party, hear about various career and volunteer opportunities, gain valuable knowledge and experience, and so much more. Feel free to invite your friends! 

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The reformation of the College Democrats of Oakland University (C.D.O.U.) is being undertaken in an effort to give voice, power, and direction to likeminded students. The C.D.O.U. will accomplish this task through the combined efforts of the Democratic campus community. Organizing campus visits by political, scientific, educational, and labor leaders from across the nation will serve to further enlighten the population of Oakland University. We will be a unified assembly designed to further the general cause of the United States of America and the Democratic Party.

Perhaps the most consequential aspect of American freedom is the right to assemble and speak. It is therefore the perpetual hope of the founding governance of the College Democrats that the General Assembly will elevate the civil discourse allowing for a place of honest and ideologically diverse deliberation. Current events and legislation shall be presented and discussed while helping to protect the democratic process; out of this, specific policy goals shall be created.

Universities have long been known as the nerve center of creativity and problem solving. It is time that the students recognize their political prowess and direct their intelligence toward noble pursuits.



President's Name

Chase Lindenthal

President's Email

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Vice President's Name

Johnathon Wertheimer

Vice President's Email

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Treasurer's Name

Mark Hooven

Treasurer's Email

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Secretary's Name

Eric Henckel

Secretary's Email

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Advisor's Name

John Klemanski

Advisor's Title

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2:30 PM

Selection Process

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General Membership
Any Student at Oakland University shall have the ability to become a General Member. Membership may not be restricted on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical handicap, socioeconomic status, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Members in Good Standing
A Member shall be considered to be in Good Standing if they attend at least two consecutive meetings, or a majority of the General Assembly Meetings within one Semester.

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