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BCBC, Chaarg, Her Campus, and WIB bring you a Zumba study break!

Sunday, Apr 30, 11 am
Carney 206

After the success of our event last semester, Her Campus, WIB, Chaarg, and the Brazilian Club of Boston College come together once again to empower women through dance/exercise. Plex instructor/BC cheerleader Lexie Pereira will be leading another great study break right before the final week of classes.

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Brazilian Carnaval Night

Tuesday, Mar 28, 7 pm
Vandy Cabaret Room

Come join BCBC on Tuesday, March 28th to celebrate one of the most popular festivals in Brazil...Carnaval! You will get to learn what makes this festival so important to Brazilian culture and get to experience a "mini" version of Carnaval, as we will be providing live entertainment, yummy Brazilian treats, and the opportunity to decorate your very own mask!

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Brazilian Bash Culture Night

Saturday, Nov 14, 5 pm
O'Connell House 100 Grand Hall

Capoeira is a Brazilian form of art that incorporates music, dance, and martial arts. It originated among slaves as a way to practice self-defense, create discipline, and increase physical preparedness. For the Brazilian Culture Night, Mestre Chuvisquinho and his Sinha Capoeira crew will showcase this form of Brazilian dance/ martial art, which has had a significant impact in Brazilian history. At the event we will be serving traditional food from Northern Brazil. Hope to see you there!

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Brazilian Carnaval

Saturday, Mar 16, 8 pm
Vandy Cabaret Room

The Brazilian Club of Boston College, Organization of Latin American Affairs (OLAA), and Nights on the Heights is having a Brazilian Carnaval celebration and you're invited! There will be a samba performance, live music, a samba lesson, a mask-making contest (with prizes!), and FREE Brazilian food!

Hope to see you all there!



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Churrasco (Brazilian Barbecue)

Friday, Oct 19, 4 pm
Mod 8B

Come join us for our Brazilian Barbeque!! It's going to be a great chance to meet people, listen to Brazilian music, and help us eat 47 pounds of delicious meat!

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Christina Leme updated the event Samba Lessons


Thursday, Dec 6, 7 pm
McElroy conf. room/ O'Connel House dance studio

The Brazilian Club offers free Capoeira classes. Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art that began in the 19th century, and was used by slaves to diguise their training into a dance. Some lessons will be taught by mentors from the Madingueiros school in Boston, whilst other classes will be taught by experienced students at Boston College.  

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General Meeting

Tuesday, Sep 18, 7:30 pm
Gasson 206

General meeting of the Brazilian Club. This is a great way to learn all about our events and opportunities this semester whilst enjoying some Brazilian music.

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