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Hayley E Cunningham
Sep 27, 2012

Zumba Under the Stars Tonight!

Sep 27, 2012 by Hayley E Cunningham

The last Fitness Under the Stars event is tonight at 8:00pm! Come to the amphitheater for a Zumbathon! What makes it a "Zumbathon?" You'll be dancing your heart out for 1.5 hours! That's a serious burn and a seriously good time!

Wish you could go to Zumba and the Delta House of Pancakes (DHOP) event? You can! Come work up an appetite at Zumba and then head over to eat some pancakes (you'll be able to eat so many more!).

PS. If you're wondering if the event is really at 8:00pm because you saw on the Flusher that it starts at 7:00pm, know that the Flusher is WRONG! Come at 8:00pm! There are no stars at 7:00pm!