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Hayley E Cunningham
Sep 11, 2012

Learn how to eat healthy on campus!

Sep 11, 2012 by Hayley E Cunningham

Do you want to eat healthy, but aren't sure how?  It can be especially difficult when you're faced with a limited selection of campus food (and when there's so much delicious but unhealthy food to tempt you!).  Mrs. Frazier, a health sciences lecturer, is offering a seminar to all students that will teach you how to eat healthy.  This seminar is tailored to YOU, so what you learn, you will be able to use every day (even in the Dining Hall).  The class is only $20, and it will only take up 45 minutes of your time per week for about 8 weeks.  So invest in your health and enroll today - you're worth it!

To register, go here: