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Welcome to Honors Student Council!

Honors Student Council (HSC) represents the vibrant and diverse Honors students at the University of Louisville. The Council exists to create a variety of academic, social, and volunteer events to enhance and engage the Honors community. In addition, the Council functions as a channel of communication through which Honors students can express their thoughts about the Honors Program and contribute their ideas for its improvement.

HSC invites students in or interested in the Honors Program to attend our events. Events are held during the fall and spring academic semesters, and offer a great opportunity for Honors students to interact outside the classroom. We invite you to check out our events that are coming up soon and our calendar for the entire year.

For more information about Honors Student Council, please visit our external website or find us on Facebook


Portal Information


The Honors Student Council (HSC) of the University of Louisville seeks to: foster academic growth; provide greater leadership and volunteer opportunities to Honors students within the university; create a cohesive student community through social activities; establish a forum through which students, faculty, administration, and staff of the Honors Program may communicate openly and effectively; and make a positive difference in the surrounding community.


Academic Graduate/Professional

Organization Email Address
Meeting Day

Sundays, typically

Meeting Time

3:30-5:00 PM

Meeting Location

Etscorn Honors Center

Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Honors Student Council has first-year representatives for each committee within the organization. Applications for these positions will be available at the begining of the semester on the University Honors Program website or contact an officer for more details.

Other appointments for membership will be done according to a rubric and set of guidelines to be determined by the Executive Council for each appointment period. If questions arise, please contact the active president, who will be able to describe the selection process in far more detail. Furthermore, the selection process is outlined in Article VI of the Constitution.

Adviser Name

Luke Buckman