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Protection of Minors: Student Sponsored Programs or Activities Involving Minors: Program Coordinator Form

The Georgetown University community has a strong interest in how our society cares for children and the most vulnerable among us and wants to do what it can to prevent the victimization of child and adolescent minors and promote their safety.  To further this goal , this form is required to identify those individuals participating in programs or activities involving minors that 1) the University operates; 2) that others operate in University facilities; or 3) that Georgetown students, faculty or staff are involved with in the community.

*This form is for use by a student coordinating a student organization program/activity for those within the organization that involve work with minors OR an individual student coordinating a program/activity for Georgetown Law participants that involves work with minors.

This form will take approximately 10 minutes to finish and submit.  The form allows you the functionality of being saved and finished at a later time. 

To complete the form you will need to upload a document containing the full names, net-ids, and email addresses for all those participating in the program/activity.  If you are submitting the form in advance of knowing all the participating students, the list can be submitted at a later date BUT no later than 10 business days prior to the program/activity.

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