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Organization Overview

Brought to Furman on September 15, 1868 as the 20th chapter in our national history, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the oldest fraternity on campus. The chapter has produced "True Gentlemen" of distinction ever since its inception, and names such as Furman, Hipp, Joyner, and Reilly have been proud to wear our badge. By adhering to its ritual and its creed, "The True Gentlemen", SAE promises young men a lifetime of leadership, friendship, and unadulterated brotherhood in one of the world's largest social fraternities.

Category Greek
Keywords Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SAE, SC Phi
Meeting Location

Patrick Lecture Hall

President Name

Lee Cotton

President's E-mail
Advisor Name

Andy Waters

Advisor's Email
Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process or membership requirements.

Three rounds of bids. On the last round, if a blackball is cast, that rushee or prospective will not attain "new member" status. A unanimous vote is required to gain access to our Order.

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